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Myelagenics™ offers astounding long term benefits

There are a wide variety of products and programs that offer short term benefits over a period of weeks or months. Very few personal growth approaches offer significant long term change and help you operate at a higher level.

Myelagenics™ is the result of decades of research and experience

The market is saturated with placebos and simplistic products. We have tried and reviewed many of these and look for the theory and core efficacy in every offering and technique. In every article, book, or study, we seek repeatable gains and benefits. Though many products and techniques offer some benefits, none offer the long term potential we firmly believe is possible.

Our founders have extensive backgrounds creating and reviewing programs in the personal achievement space.  We have always believed personal development programs could be taken to vastly improved levels.

Myelagenics™ is the result of this research and experience amplified by recent breakthroughs in neuroscience.  The pace of discovery has accelerated in the last fifteen years, eclipsing the prior century.  By applying new techniques aligned with cutting edge understanding, we can effectively upgrade the brain’s program for success. This allows for rapid evolution and dramatically better achievement and fulfillment in life.

Myelagenics™ applies emerging scientific concepts

We use passionate curiosity and mental rigor as a guide. We discuss and validate the concepts at length, collaborating with psychology professionals to include their perspective on these non-medical products. We avoid magical explanations and claims like quantum mechanics are being leveraged by our sound patterns (though we think it’s a quantum leap in effectiveness, but that is using the word only metaphorically). Our current perspective in personal development is very unique, yet builds on the strengths of many great researchers, leaders, and teachers.

Myelagenics™ is a neurological, psychological, and developmental enabler for self-actualization

We have synthesized a hybrid neurological, psychological, and developmental framework for human fulfillment and achievement. Our founder has created programs of various types to help people in their quest for personal growth and achievement.  As far back as 1981, he combined breathe-work, accelerated learning, and subliminal messages in a program called “Think for Success.”

This and other projects involved going right to the waveforms, acoustics, electronics, and custom EEG data. The earlier projects were beneficial and successful, but were not dramatic enough in their effects.  By applying more and more neuroscience discoveries and understanding, the programs evolved dramatically in recent years.  The current approach is dramatically different and has been validated with thousands of participants. We see astounding results and a predictable experience. 

Why do we get stuck in our thinking, emotional patterns and internal programming?

From an early age, our founder observed that some ideas seemed locked in concrete, in himself and others. By contrast, some ideas could be fluid and easily shaped or changed. Similarly, he wondered where the storehouse of emotionally impactful experiences and their long term influence on our behavior lived. Why he can change a perspective 180 degrees on strongly held beliefs in one area, but find it extremely difficult to change internal programming or emotional responses in other realms. There is clearly a strong persistence mechanism in the brain that affects our habits, personality, and automatic behaviors.  Something in our brain seems severely addicted to past thinking. 

Along this journey, he suspected the peripheral nervous system, visceral feedback mechanisms between our muscular-skeletal system and organs, and many others. Clearly, the brain stores much personality and emotional content differently than other information. Not only have we found a key part of this storage mechanism, hidden in plain sight, but we’ve found the methods to drive change at new levels.

Myelin growth’s effect on the neural network

The missing ingredient in explaining hard persistence is myelin growth and its effect on the overall neural network that is our brain. Neural pathways in our brain range from lightly myelinated to highly myelinated. Recent research has found, by testing individual neurons in mice, that highly myelinated neurons are over 100 times faster than lightly myelinated neurons. Further, studies suggest the brain routinely ignores slower pathways when the faster pathways are activated. 

Myelination takes time and practice

Myelin formation is slow process in the brain.  For many skills, 10,000 hours or more of practice is needed before your brain becomes highly proficient.  During that time, many necessary patterns are becoming highly automated, well outside conscious control.  

The implications of the role of myelin formation on the human experience are enormous: Not only does the pattern of connections matter, but the particular pathway and its relative myelination. The effective connection patterns can have great plasticity in their activation patterns.  However, those patterns that are highly influenced by relative myelination, which changes much more slowly, are much more difficult to change. Facts can be learned in hours to months, full myelination occurs with years of practice or repetition.

Imagine what year after year of practice being yourself does to the myelination of those neurons.  Every wonder why personality seems to change less and less with age?  While we don’t claim to rewrite personalities, the good news is we can at least drive positive change in facets that matter most.

The Conscious Narrator

There is another key facet to understanding personality persistence and unnatural resistance to change we often see.  By unnatural, we mean when people resist change that is clearly their own choosing and genuinely believed in their own self-interest.

The linguistic stream of conscious experience we all share takes it lead, much more than ever suspected, from other areas of the brain.  There is weak feedback from that dialog in our head to influence our behavior and thought patterns.  This is why any change program must involve action, practicing actual changes in behavior, long before the change is comfortable or automatic.  Our brain learns its behavior from observations of the real world, our actions in the world, and the response from the world.  Our stream of consciousness is mostly comprised of footnotes the rest of the brain never bothers to read.

Real change requires us to take conscious control, slow down, and deliberately act in ways that are new. We need to bypass established patterns and powerfully model new ones.

A machine runs your personality if you don’t take charge

The stream of consciousness and your self-awareness depend on wide participation within your brain at a fairly slow pace.  When things happen at faster speeds, we are a watcher, only loosely coupled to our actions.  At slower speeds, we can be much more deliberate.

As a result, myelinated faster pathways are optimized for repeated, practiced, actions, and are not readily available to introspection or change. In other words, your brain wires itself to exhibit personality traits autonomously, in a very different manner than the stuff of normal thought and awareness. As we said, a machine, runs your personality if you don’t take charge.

Ingrained behavior and the “sub-conscious”

Much of our ingrained behavior is often attributed to sub-conscious or unconscious actions.  The sub-conscious isn’t so much a distinct area of the brain,as it is the actions and impulses carried out by highly myelinated pathways, or super-highways in the brain. These super-highways preempt conscious thought and exhibit a baseline of behavior, emotion and apparent motivation that is physically inaccessible to our ‘conscious’ mind. Conscious thought is essentially bypassed when the pathways are fully activated.

Obviously, this is only one facet of the human experience — there are disparate brain areas and processes all contributing to our total self. We suggest that myelination and the narrator effect are key factors in separating much of our behavior from effective conscious control.

Myelagenics is a new approach; enables dramatic shifts in thought and behavior patterns

The emerging understanding of neuroscience suggests a very different approach than anything we’d previously seen.   In the last few years, we have developed exciting new capabilities by applying ramifications of these discoveries.  After several years of experimentation and refinement, and testing with thousands of people, we created this new program for personal growth and development. We’ve generated dramatic shifts in seemingly immutable thought and behavior patterns.

Myelagenics creates new pathways

Our new approach focuses on creating new, competing, semi-highways, and helping your brain loosen the grip of the well-worn pathways or super-highways that you’ve built over time. It is not too different than trying to replace a poor golf or racket swing, ingrained through years of ineffective habits, with a new precision swing. Your old mental pathways must be de-emphasized as you perfect your new swing by building new pathways. We need a do-not-enter sign on many of those old super-highways.

It’s not our subconscious that needs to change, it’s US

Traditional self-help and “reprogram for success” techniques attempt to alter conscious thoughts and the “subconscious” by feeding new ideas or suggestions.  This approach has a small effect, but misses on two counts.  First, it’s as if your whispering to hardened concrete roadways and asking for it to stop letting the trucks drive through.  The analogy is sound, as neither the subconscious nor the roadway have personality, intentions, or much understanding of language.  Second, the conscious, linguistic area of our brain isn’t in charge, and most habits and behavior happen outside both conscious and linguistic realms. It is not the thoughts of your subconscious, but rather the highways you’ve built, that can take over your life.

Myelagenics™ stimulates your brain with activation patterns that trigger replacement of your internal reference model

Our approach combines techniques that stimulate your brain with diverse activation patterns and help you trigger generation of new internal pathways.  The result is a gradual alteration or replacement of your internal reference model, or highway system. Your brain, while using the program and in your daily life, will use the new reference models, that you choose and define, to retrain itself. You will catch yourself at critical moments with conscious thoughts like “is this the person I choose to be.”  You will take control in the moment and rewire your brain over time.

You can feel your brain re-wiring itself

The process of change still takes time, but the progress you will feel is like exercise on steroids — you will see the results at a pace that at times seems too fast to believe.  On occasion, it seems as though you feel your brain rewiring itself.  You see new perspectives, behavior, abilities emerge in real time. Myelagenics™ builds on this.  It is a progressive program we deliver through many levels or weekly modules. Each level builds on the previous experience and is tuned to drive your neural pathways to reorganize and assist in more and more breakthrough changes.

Myelagenics™ can help you to reprogram a new and better self.

If you have a drive and desire to substantially alter your automatic self, this approach is now available. I warn you, this approach is a thrill ride, though it requires commitment and openness to change. It is imperative that your conscious psychological self fully directs and engages in your desired change.  This builds on your good foundation and helps you achieve much more in life.

Myelagenics™ is available in several plans

The Myelagenics™ program is offered in several plans to give you a choice in how fast and how far you would like to go. We invite you to experience this extraordinary journey and start creating your greater self and your new life today. If you’re ready to reshape yourself, please Join us now. We have a 90-day money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose and your new life to gain.  Still have questions, feel free to contact us.

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