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MindFusionX drives breakthroughs in all areas of your life.  Begin enjoying greater achievement, fulfillment and success now!

Are you living the life you want?

Do you need breakthroughs in any of these areas?

Goals Unfulfilled

“I feel good about where I am most of the time, but I’m missing something and not achieving near what I’m capable of.  I wish I could realize more of what life could be.”

Money Issues

“I’ve had times where money was an issue and times where it wasn’t, but it is often on my mind.  I’d like to be more effective financially and also to see possibilities through a different lens at times.”

Relaxation and Mindfulness

“I’d like to achieve deeply relaxed and mindful states. I know this helps my life and outlook, but don’t have time to practice eastern traditions.”


“I have great plans and bursts of progress, but also periods where I put off what needs to be done. I’d like a better handle on directing my energy, so I’m not rushing to the finish line as often.”

Not Enough Time

“I do a lot and often feel like my time vanishes.  I don’t get to what really matters to me.  I’d like to experience time as something that flows in an exciting way, not something that rushes me.”

Too Much Stress

“I usually manage my stress, and maybe it’s helpful, but sometimes stress gets the better of me. I’d like to experience a more relaxed outlook and be more effective.”

Get these MindFusionX Benefits and More

More Passion

Extreme Productivity


More Energy

Greater Fulfillment 

Less Stress

Reinvigorate Yourself

Actualize Dreams

Lower Blood Pressure

Understanding the MindFusionX Process

Our technology uses audio brain stimulation and online learning modules to rewire your brain for greater achievement, success, and fulfillment.

Audio Brain Stimulation is the result of extensive scientific and empirical research. The audio brain stimulation components achieve breakthrough results with a unique and diverse combination of techniques supported by solid research. The audio programs apply incredibly effective brain stimulation and training techniques to create powerful shifts in your internal programming. We call our unique brain stimulation technology Myelagenics™.

Online Learning Modules are the result of extensive research and emphasize pragmatic incremental changes in your life. The modules leverage proven motivation and personal change approaches. While effective in their own right, the learning modules are synergistic with the brain stimulation process and amplify the results. The modules are targeted, bite size, segments that build on your enhanced foundation and dramatically retrain your brain.

We first tune up your basic wiring to open up your creativity, outlook and energy level. The effects quickly show up in your choices and actions. The program then helps you define a direction, act on your path, and live your passion. We give you the tools to greater achievement, success, and fulfillment in just minutes per day. You feel benefits immediately and enjoy them for a lifetime!


Your deep views and beliefs shape who you are, how you act, and what you expect in life.  The Myelagenics™ technology upgrades your outlook in areas such as mental openness, gratitude, abundance, passion, community, and self acceptance.  With an improved outlook, your experience changes and a new world emerges.


Your aspirations are expressed as your vision and goals in life. The MindFusionX program helps you clarify your direction and identify available paths. The “direction” is the near-term actionable influence of your vision.  You take steps toward your vision. You gain fulfillment and success as you passionately pursue your path.


Action is the key to change and a fulfilling life. Meaningful learning involves attentive action.  Myelagenics™ tunes your brain to have an action bias. The learning modules help clarify your direction. You take appropriate new actions, rather than staying on the same track.  New action rapidly creates positive change in your life.


Your network includes people you are close to and meaningful contacts in your life. The program drives you to create a highly supportive network. You will spend more time with people that share and enable your vision. Your network and your time will align with your vision and direction.

MindFusionX Benefits

Effective Goal Achievement

Myelagenics™ brain stimulation uses a multitude of technologies to help you achieve your goals. The highly synergistic online learning modules enable greater success.  You will develop an action bias and an incremental goal achievement habit, so you can pursue meaningful paths and achieve your dreams.  You create your own life, taking immediate steps that matter and building your long term future.  We are here to support you through the process.

Greater Creativity

Myelagenics™ enhances creative thinking abilities. This will help you to solve problems using new creative solutions and think “outside the box”.  Research at Leiden University and others that show techniques used in Myelagenics™ “make you more creative”. This will give you the ability to think about problems using an entirely new perspective and not fall back into your old patterns of problem solving.

Deeply Relaxed States

Myelagenics™ Audio Brain Stimulation is used to achieve and promote deep states of relaxation and openness. Scientific sounds and the guided exercises are used to influence brainwave and breathing patterns. The program uses layers of sounds which are safe and scientifically proven. You reach deeply relaxed brain states quickly and build on your normal relaxation and creativity baseline with each session. You feel more relaxed in your life and see stress dissolve in real time. 

Positivity and Appreciation

Research shows that during strong positive moods we produce our most creative output and best work. Myelagenics™ gives you the tools to operate with a positive mental attitude and genuine appreciation. It is normal for people to have both negative and positive thoughts.  Myelagneics™ trains you to tip the scales to more positive.  The program also builds your sense of appreciation and gratitude, which are essential parts of being open to success and experiencing true joy.

Deal with Stress Successfully

Myelagenics™ leverages the effects of deep relaxation. Relaxation benefits originally documented by Dr. Herbert Benson of Harvard, include:

  • Lower stress levels, Lower blood pressure
  • Better sleep, Increased Energy
  • Improved decision making, motivation, productivity

Relaxation is a small but pivotal part of the program. You will be more relaxed, focused, and better equipped to deal with stress in your life. 

Long Term Results

While some self-help approaches deliver short term effects, MindFusionX and Myelagenics™ are a breakthrough in performance. You generate long term change and breakthroughs in your life. You will definitely feel short term benefits from the program. However, our focus is on sustainable long term results. The combination of diverse brain stimulation, guided exercises, and learning modules all work together and create lasting results no other program in the world offers.  The results are truly amazing and build with time. Results that will last a lifetime.

Look No Further

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Basic Plan

  • Brain Stimulation
  • Learning Modules
  • 2 Levels
  • Lifetime Access
  • Premium Support
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • No Software to Install
  • Limited Offer: Reg $149

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A Little Neuroscience to Show Why This Works

Your brain is the most complex organ in your body. While the average adult human brain weighs only 3.3 pounds (1.5 kilograms), the brain uses 20% of the body’s energy. The primary building blocks of the brain are cells called neurons. Your brain is composed of roughly 100 billion neurons. Each neuron has potentially thousands of connections to other neurons. Neurons generally operate in regions or clusters that perform specific functions and communicate with other clusters of neurons.  Information is passed along these pathways via electro-chemical impulses in individual neurons, though many neurons are acting in concert for most significant neural events.

Myelin, the White Matterneuron

Your brain is composed of about 50% of “white matter” which is a white fatty substance called myelin. The other 50% called “grey matter” gets it’s name from the grey-brown color of the neuron cell body. Myelination is defined as the process of forming a myelin sheath (covering) around the neuron’s axon, allowing impulses to travel farther and more quickly. The more myelinated an axon, or cluster of axons, is, the faster the signals will travel. In experiments with mice, signals traveled up to 100 times faster down highly myelinated pathways.


Myelagenics™ takes its name from the myelin sheath in the brain. Myelagencs™ uses breakthrough technologies to overcome the resistance to change in our brains.  By activating specific regions with specific context, you create alternative pathways to the established, highly automated pathways.  This opens up new possibilities in thought and action.  You rapidly gain new fluidity, relaxation, creativeness and ability to change your life.  The program provides a powerful engine for achieving your vision and enjoying greater fulfillment in life.

Listen to our customers…


Actual results vary


“I’m blown away. You feel your brain tingle as you change. Really Cool.”

Sean R.

Software Engineer

“I can definitely feel a different and potent energy working inside me. To feel what I felt in one night compared to weeks of doing other programs, was truly amazing.”

Victoria M.

Physical Therapist

“After only a few weeks, I am seeing wonderful changes in my life. One change I see is that I react differently to stressful situations and it is empowering to find myself not reacting in a dis-empowering way.”

Pamela G.

Financial Advisor

What's Included in the MindFusionX Programs

Brain Stimulation Sessions

The world’s most powerful audio brain reprogramming tool. The 30-35 minute audio sessions, using our Myelagenics™ technology, guide you to new internal realms and create dramatic change just by listening -- you feel the effects long after each session. You listen to a session three or four times per week and new sessions appear as you progress. Stream or download from your desktop or mobile device.

Quick Break Sessions

These are short and intense, 10-15 minute, Myelagenics™ audio brain stimulation sessions. They rewire critical thinking and emotional habits. You listen three to four times per week. These sessions focus on areas to rapidly drive positive change your life. Stream or download from your desktop or mobile device.

Learning Modules

The online learning modules dive into key topics for you to examine and quickly apply in your life. These bite size, right to the point, lessons expand your perspective and generate real change in your life. Read with your desktop or mobile device.

PowerShift™ Training (platinum)

PowerShift is a methodology for accelerating concrete, high impact, change in your world. Four intense one-on-one sessions apply our specialized performance training.  You  rapidly reinvigorate your life and expand your horizons. Platinum only, for those seeking dramatic change in their life.

Dedicated Support Team

Our dedicated staff helps with questions ranging from using the program to applying it in your life. You can also accelerate your progress by browsing important questions commonly posed by other members. 


A channel filled with short articles about research, discoveries, psychology and other topics related to personal transformation.

Basic Plan

  • Brain Stimulation
  • Learning Modules
  • 2 Levels
  • Lifetime Access
  • Premium Support
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • No Software to Install
  • Limited Offer: Reg $149

Limited Time


Standard Plan

  • Brain Stimulation
  • Visual Reinforcement
  • Learning Modules
  • 12 Levels
  • Lifetime Access
  • Premium Support
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • No Software to Install
  • Special: Reduced from $349

Limited Time


Platinum Plan

  • Brain Stimulation
  • Visual Reinforcement
  • Learning Modules
  • PowerShift™ Training
  • 36 Levels
  • Lifetime Access
  • Premium Support
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • No Software to Install
  • Special: Reduced from $849

Limited Time


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