UltiStress Melts Your Stress Away Fast!

Feel Dramatically Less Stress Quickly!

Advanced Brain Techniques Rewire You for Calm!

Tired of being stressed out? Tired of stress making you feel exhausted and not feeling good? Tired of answering when people ask you how you are doing, “stressed”.  Haven’t you had enough of being irritable, having lost productivity, lesser quality of sleep, a short fuse, and a decreased quality of life due to stress?

fotolia_109928501cropped400Everybody needs a a little stress level to fully experience life, be more productive, have better relationships and think clearly. That stress should come and go. It shouldn’t be chronic and infect your day to day outlook. Over the long term extreme stress is linked to many health problems. When stress is reduced to modest levels, you are sharper, more focused and enjoy life more.

Many people go year after year being stressed out and suffering. You see the results in their job, their friends, family and finally their health. Being able to keep stress to modest levels is essential and is critical to a long, healthy and happy life.

Millions of people have turned to prescription drugs for help with stress. Pills may help you to reduce stressful reactions but there can be serious side effects. Life is much better when you can naturally deal with difficult situations and only sporadic, modest stress in your life. In the short term, stress gets us focused. Longer term stress burns us out and defeats our dreams.

You may have tried relaxation sound devices and relaxation audio tapes. These play relaxing sounds or use guided exercises to help you relax. This may be a little helpful, but they offer minor temporary relief.  They will not make you stress resilient or improve your quality of life.

Our program is very different. Certain sounds directly influence your brainwaves. This has been established by hundreds of studies. UtliStress uses these sounds to put your brain in a deeply relaxed state. The persistent, nudging sounds gently relax you and you feel less stress and become stress resilient. From your deeply relaxed and receptive state, we apply several layers of scientific approaches to quickly reprogram your reactions and reduce stress. That’s right! Our program reprograms you from the inside out and makes you more resilient.

We won’t ask you to read a long scientific explanation explaining how this works. In basic terms we use sound pulses and frequency combinations that influence brainwaves. We directly target the frequencies associated with being profoundly relaxed. This process, called brainwave entrainment, is used along with gentle subliminal and audible messages that encourage a relaxed mindset. This quickly builds a baseline of ease and a more worry-free outlook. You ultimately reset your baseline for a relaxed and open state of mind in all areas of your life.

The UltiStress program literally melts away stress from your life. You become calmer, more relaxed and better able to deal with difficult situations. You will also sleep deeper and feel more refreshed after sleep. You will be more alert, more focused and more relaxed.

You simply listen to the program for a little as 10-20 minutes per day. The sessions work best with over the ear headphones, but earbuds or speakers will also work. You can just press PLAY or download the sessions to your device.

Man resting on beachImagine yourself thinking in a few weeks, “How could I have ever been so stressed out? I can’t believe how differently life seems now.” Enjoy feeling deeply relaxed and greatly reducing the stress in your life. Enjoy your days feeling optimistic, experience of life of choices and options, truly refreshed.

We invite you to try it for yourself. It’s the results you experience that matter. You have nothing to lose and a new fantastic unstressed life to gain. We take all the risk with a 60 day money back guarantee. We are so confident, we give you a full 60 days to try UltiStress risk free.

There is no risk to you, but a great opportunity to clear stress and start enjoying your life fully today.

What our customers say…

Actual Results Vary

“I feel the program is excellent, I feel less stress, actually feel a kind of lighter, and more centered. Apart from these benefits … Keeping me more at peace and calm.”

Ajay B.

“I really have been enjoying them, so relaxing!! and lots of little positive changes in my ability/willingness/outlook for coping creatively with life challenges.”

Jean G.

“… for 1 month and feel that I’m handling stress much better …” 

Jim R.

What’s Included

3 Stress Relaxation Sessions 

Three distinct audio stress reduction audio sessions, just 20 minutes each, guide you to a deeply relaxed state. These relax you in the moment, but also use over 10 techniques to reprogram your outlook. Each session covers different facets of your internal programming.

Quick Break Stress Release

This is a special purpose 15 minute session that helps you release the most stressful thoughts in your life. You find new freedom, flexibility, and a more open perspective. The stress releasing process also trains you to move beyond momentarily stress and seek a calm, flexible, longer term perspective.

PowerCalm Guided Relaxations

Two deep relaxation sessions, one for use before sleeping, allow you to find the most relaxed states imaginable. The short sessions guides you through a process to fully relax your whole mind and body. Designed to reduce stress, but also creates a healthy relaxed, slowed breathing state to promote general well-being.

Stress Relief


  • Relaxed Perspective Sessions (3)
  • Quick Focus Stress Session
  • PowerCalm Pre-Sleep Relaxation
  • PowerCalm Quick Relaxation
  • Visual Perspective Session
  • Lifetime Access
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • No Software to Install


60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee