Frequency Asked Questions

The following are frequently asked questions from people who were evaluating the MindFusionX with Myelagenics™.

Can I really get long term results from  Myelagenics™?

Yes, extensive research and development has gone into the creation of Myelagenics™, focusing strictly on generating lasting results. We all know that virtually all self-help programs produce limited results which do not last. This changes with Myelagenics™.  This is a breakthrough system which has helped thousands of people achieve their goals, from people just starting out to established multi-millionaires.

What equipment do I need?

Any device which can play an MP3, the most common audio format on the web, can be used with a set of headphones. Common MP3 players are your computer, notebook, tablet, or smartphone.  You will also need headphones.

Do I really need headphones?

Yes. Myelagenics™ uses multiple technologies which require you to listen all programs with headphones. We highly recommend over the ear headphones that completely surround the ear.  Headphones from $30 to $100 from Sony, Sennheiser, AKG, Sentley, and many others work quite well.  Just make sure they are over-the-ear and advertise at least 30HZ-15000HZ. Specific models change frequently.  Our support department will happily provide specific recommendations on request.

Does MindFusionX with Myelagenics™ really work?

A multitude of people have already joined the MindFusionX community and benefited from this breakthrough program. We use a unique combination of over seven tested technologies. There is no other program which effectively combines audio technologies like ours. The program produces amazing results when used as instructed. It is the culmination of over many years of research and development that brings us to this break through in life performance technology. MindFusionX with Myelagenics® will allow you to change deeply rooted unwanted habits. You may notice a pause when you make a different choice, or just realize later that you behaved differently this time around.  MindFusionX with Myelinagenics will root out ineffective and bad habits to allow you to experience and achieve a much better life. 


Can I count on support for the Myelagenics™ program?

Yes, the MindFusionX staff is always ready to assist you on the telephone, Skype or email. In addition, we offer a highly unique breakthrough feedback system which allows us to better to assist you in achieving your goals and long term results. Our feedback process takes only a few minutes per week to complete. Based on your feedback,  customized support emails are sent to you.

What Guarantee do I have?

Myelagenics™ comes with a full 60 day money back guarantee.  The only risk you take is not trying the program and getting the results you want. We take the risk for you for 90 days and you get the results or your money back!


Award Winning Support

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