Neuro Meditation™
The most powerfulrevolutionary, 
meditation system ever created!

Experience deeper meditation in minutes.

Be more relaxed. Melt stress away. Be radiant. Better relationships and opportunities.”


Incredible life changing meditation starting with only 10 minutes per day

You don’t have to spend hours a day trying to perfect your meditation. With Neuro Meditation™ by MindFusionX, you simply sit comfortably, press the play button and listen for as little as 10 minutes. Your brain follows the sounds into deep meditative states.

Neuro Meditation takes you beyond ordinary meditation by simply listening. You will experience a calm and peaceful mind with clear awareness. Go incredibly deep the first time, and it gets deeper each time you listen.

Unique Techniques Create an Amazing Meditation Experience

MindFusionX has a unique model of meditation, enlightenment, learning, and the subconscious. Using this powerful perspective and engineering blend of over 10 techniques, we created a unique and extraordinary meditative program. MindFusionX takes you to deep meditative states rapidly and predictably. This is called Neuro Meditation™.

Each session is a complete experience from start to finish. The end product is a unique and amazing experience. No other program has power of MindFusionX.

5 Key Life Changing Benefits

Melt Stress

Are you stressed out too often? Would you like to melt away stress? Members report a dramatic decrease in stress, a calmer mind and a greater ability to handle tough situations. You experience the power and positive changes from the first time you listen to a session.

Joy and Freedom

Ready to radiate happiness and joy that other people will take notice of? Now you will. You will be transported and experience the ecstatic realms of meditation. Experience transcendental states and feel a sense of joy and freedom. It’s a mini-vacation every time you press the play button.


Ready to feel the power within? Ready for the benefits of a Positive Attitude and being Optimistic? Ready for New Opportunities? You will feel the power from the first time you listen. Members report a dramatic increase in optimism and elevated positive moods. This allows new and hidden opportunities to occur in your life.

Better Relationships

Looking to improve communication with your significant other, colleagues and friends? Would you like to have a “tool” which would allow you to “tune in” to the person your with? You can with MindFusionX Meditation! Ready for a better equilibrium? Would you like to be more emotionally resilient? You can with MindFusionX Meditation!

Revitalized, Healthier, More Energy

Ready to enjoy better health? Ready to look and feel your best? MindFusionX meditation improves your health and energy. Many report feeling like a new person. You receive amazing physical and emotional health benefits of meditation – documented in over 1200 studies! Many report weight loss, radiant health, evolving to a healthier diet and a more active lifestyle. 

What Our Customers Say…

Actual Results Vary

“I really have been enjoying them, so relaxing!! and lots of little positive changes in my ability/willingness/outlook for coping creatively with life challenges.”

Jean G.

“I feel the program is excellent, I feel less stress, actually feel a kind of lighter, and more centered. Apart from these benefits … Keeping me more at peace and calm.”

Ajay B.

“I speak for myself in saying that the positive effects are unlike any I’ve experienced so far-and I’ve been on quest”

Joe L.

Warning: This Program Will Change Your Life

The results from this program are so amazing we feel obliged to issue a warning. Don’t use this product unless you are ready to have the most amazing meditative experiences. You will go deeper in meditation than you ever dreamed was possible. Stress will melt away from your life. Your ability to deal with difficult situations will improve drastically.

You will begin to feel dramatic effects in your life almost immediately.

What’s Included 

Meditation Sessions

ultisleep-smartphone-appFull Meditation Sessions are powerful, deep, relaxing meditations. Our meditations take you deep, relax you and leave you feeling energized and alert after completion.

Seven different time lengths to accommodate your busy schedule. Each session is a self contained unit and should be listened to in it’s entirety. Meditations are offered in 10-, 15-, 20-, 30-, 40-, 50- and 60-minute sessions. Simply choose your length and press the play button. 

Quick Break Meditation Sessions

Quick Break Sessions (10-15 minutes) are short, intense sessions which help with restructuring emotional habits. These add techniques similar to guided visualization to work on emotional freedom and power. You will feel relaxed and energized after the session with a sharp, clear mind.

Limited Time Offer: All new meditation plan customers will receive our highly effective Quick Break Sessions at no extra charge. Quick Break Sessions are short, intense sessions which help with emotional and critical thinking habits. 

Join This Amazing Program to Experience Deeper Meditation Today!

This isn’t about just improving your meditation; it is about loving your meditation and deeper meditative experiences!

We have a no questions asked money back guarantee. We don’t think you will need it – but  if you’re not fully satisfied. We will gladly refund your money within 60 days. This meditation program is extraordinary and you will feel it right away.

Join Now! Meditation is a great, proven, life habit. Enjoy the full benefits of enhanced meditation instantly. 


  • Meditation Sessions (7)
  • Quick Break Sessions (2)
  • Lifetime Access
  • Premium Support
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • No Software to Install



  • Meditation Sessions (7)
  • Intermediate Sessions (7)
  • Advanced Sessions (7)
  • Visual Stimulation Sessions (2)
  • Quick Break Sessions (5)
  • Lifetime Access
  • Premium Support
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • No Software to Install


60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee